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Welcome to Mr. Cariveau's Site  YEAR 8

Brief Background: 
       I am originally from Dawson, MN which is about one hour and ten minutes North-East of White. After High School I went to College at SMSU in Marshall, MN where I played football for 5 years and graduated with Bachelor of Science Degree. I double majored in PE and Health Education and minored in DAPE (developmental adapted physical education) and Coaching. I earned my Masters in Strategic Leadership in 2017 from Black Hills State University. After college I was living in Minneota, MN where I student taught and began subbing and coaching. I worked as a Long Term Substitute between the Minneota High School, where I taught Developmental Adapted Physical Education and St. Edward's Catholic School, teaching 1st-8th grade Physical Education. Before and after my Long Term Sub position I was a substitute at Dawson-Boyd Public Schools, Minneota, and St. Edwards. While subbing I also coached Jr. High Football for two years (one year as an assistant and one year as the head coach) and was an assistant on the Varsity for two years, Head 4th Grade Boys Basketball coach for one year, and Head Jr. High Baseball coach for two years, all at Minneota.
       At Deubrook I will be teaching Jr. High PE/Health, Freshman PE/Health, Senior PE/Health, and one Strength & Conditioning class, and DDN Mentor Chemistry and Anatomy/Physiology. I will also be coaching. Head Football and Head Boys Basketball.
       I want to thank Mr. Niehus and his class for designing the website!


Class Schedule

 Period 1A-1B: Personal Finance E-Mentor (8:25-9:11)
Period 1C-2: DDN Chemistry E-Mentor(9:12-10:29)

 Period 3: 7th Grade PE/Health (10:32-11:18)
Period 4A: Lunch (11:21-11:46)
Period 4B-4C: 9th PE/Health (11:49-12:35)
Period 5: 8th PE/Health (12:38-1:24)
Period 6: (1:27-2:13)
Dolphin/Reading Time: (2:13-2:36)
Period 7: DDN Anatomy & Physiology E-Mentor (2:36-3:25)
Mr. Cariveau

PE/Health Instructor

Deubrook Area Schools